The catalog contains the data related to state budget of Expenditure on Revenue Account from Interest Payments, Power Subsidy, Pension & other retirement benefits, Police, Public works, General Education, Medical & Public health, Irrigation and flood control, Agricultural and allied activities, road transport, grant-in-aid and contribution, Manufacturing & Mining, other expenditure.
Get the data related to Area affected, Cattle Heads lost, Damage to Public utilities, Human Lives lost, Houses damaged (Private), Percentage of damaged area to total cropped area, Population affected, Value of Crops damaged, Value of Houses damaged (Private) and Villages/Towns affected due to Floods.
Get state-wise financial performance during Tenth Plan (2002-07) and annual plans for the year 2002-03 to 2006-07. These data provide detailed information on tenth plan projected outlay (2002-07) and approved outlay, revised outlay and actual expenditure of each financial year during this period. The data has been distributed in major and minor heads.
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